Looking for Leaf Removal Services in Lawsonville or Winston-Salem, NC?

Let us clean up your leaves

The neighborhood kids get a kick out of jumping into your leaf piles. But once the fun is over, it's important to clean up those leaves to keep your yard healthy. Doss Lawn Care, LLC offers affordable leaf removal services in Lawsonville, NC and the surrounding area. With our services, you and your family can enjoy a neat, tidy yard without doing extra work or breaking your budget.

If you want thorough leaf removal services from a landscaping professional who will take care of every bit of debris, contact us today. We also serve the Winston-Salem area.

Three reasons to remove leaves and debris

Three reasons to remove leaves and debris

Leaf removal is an essential step in keeping your yard clean and beautiful. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to clean up those leaves:

  1. Layers of leaves can prevent sunlight and oxygen from nourishing your grass
  2. Leaves retain moisture, which can lead to disease and fungi in your yard
  3. Unwanted pests like rodents can make their homes in leaf piles

Don’t let a pile of leaves turn into a big problem. Call us today for affordable leaf removal services.