How Can You Fill in the Sparse Parts of Your Lawn?

Doss Lawn Care can make your lawn look healthier than ever in Stokes County, Winston Salem, and Greensboro NC

Is your grass looking patchy or sparse? Do you want an effective, long-term solution? Turn to Doss Lawn Care, LLC. We'll start by performing a Healthy Lawn Analysis to determine factors like the quality of your soil and the type of grass you have. Then, we'll customize our lawn plug aeration and over-seeding services to best suit your yard.

When we're finished, your lawn will grow back healthier and greener than ever.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Here's what you need to know about each of our services:

  • Lawn plug aeration - We'll use a machine to create tiny holes all over your lawn. This breaks up compacted soil and gives grass roots better access to oxygen, water and nutrients.
  • Over-seeding - We'll strategically sprinkle grass seed over your existing lawn to fill in any bare spots and help the grassier areas grow even more dense and vibrant.
We recommend pairing our lawn plug aeration and over-seeding services for the most effective results. Call 336-414-8856 today to make an appointment.